Our Dog Walking, Boarding and Day Care Services


Dog Walking

Why walk your dog anyway?  Well, dogs are just like us, if they live a sedentary lifestyle they get out of condition and chubby.  Enough of that type of lifestyle and serious illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes, can develop, costing you a lot of worry and a fortune in vet bills.  Dogs need to release their pent up physical energy on a daily basis and doing so makes them better, healthier, more obedient and trainable dogs.

A daily walk is also crucial for your dog’s mental and emotional well-being.  Dogs reserve 40% of their brain activity to processing smell.  If you restrict your dog to your home and yard exclusively, smell-wise they get terribly bored.  They need to explore new or changeable scentscapes, much the way we need to read or watch T.V.  It stimulates their minds.

Finally, dogs are social animals, they need to be with others of their kind and engage in doggie social behaviour. They can’t do that isolated in their home all day. If you work long hours and can’t walk your dog yourself, we would be happy to provide your pet with a walk that will exercise him or her physically, emotionally and mentally.

Puppy Pee Breaks                                 $15

One hour on-leash walk                         $20-$30
(Price depends on breed, training level and behaviour of dog)

One hour off-leash walk                  $20/walk


Dog Boarding and Doggy Day Care

We board in our home, usually taking at most two dogs at a time.  Dogs that we board are folded into our everyday family activities and are not kennelled or crated unless that is part of their regular routine.  Because our home already includes dogs, we require an assessment of any prospective boarders and ideally a few walks to acclimatize them to our own dogs before we agree to board.  This preparatory work is done free of charge, but requires time and planning so lots of advance notice is preferred for a dog’s first boarding experience with us.

We like to text and e-mail clients to let them know how their dog is doing in our home while they are here and we try to include pictures of your dog during his stay.

We are quite prepared to take care of any special dietary or medical needs your pet may have while it stays with us.  Because going on a trip is always stressful for both pet and owner, we prefer to pick up and drop off your pet when it is boarding with us.  It lets the dog know we know how to get him home again.
Overnight Dog Boarding                                   $40/night
(Keep in mind that this includes a generous daily walk (or two))

Doggy DayCare (Day Boarding)                      $25-30/day


Other Considerations/Please Note

Our area of service for dog walking is Richmond and Steveston.

Our area of service for dog boarding is Richmond, Steveston and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

All dogs we walk, board or transport must be licensed. For Richmond residents only:  If you can’t get to City Hall, we would be happy to pick up the license for you if you provide a filled out application, all pertinent health documents for your dog and the money to buy it.  We do this at no charge.

All dogs we walk and/or board must be neutered or spayed.

All dogs we walk must have the minimum vaccinations required or up-to-date titer tests, as we handle, board and walk puppies and want to keep them safe.

Referral policy for our existing clients

Should you refer our services to someone else and your recommendation results in a successful referral* you will receive a free week of walks.

Should you refer our services to someone else in your immediate neighbourhood, your building or complex, and your recommendation results in a successful referral* you will receive two free weeks of walks.


*A successful referral is one that results in a client hiring us and remaining with us for a minimum of 4 months.

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