About Catherine

Picture of the owner, HappyPawsDogWalking.ca in RichmondWell, I’ve always been a “crazy dog lady,” in fact I had to be forcibly dissuaded from naming my business the Crazy Dog Lady Dog and Pet Services Company.  Another short listed name was Gone to the Dogs: Not Coming Back!

I’ve always loved dogs

I’ve always loved dogs, passionately, and with a will.  I delight in them.  I’m that woman who will stop her car, park it, chase you down the street and request to meet your dog.  Because it’s so lovely looking, or has a great face, or looks like a real character.  Does one really need a reason to want to meet a dog, they are all so, well, meetable.

Fortunately, most of the people I’ve done that to are happy to share their wonderful pet for a few minutes and thrilled to tell me all about him or her as we become acquainted.  And I mean as the dog and I become acquainted, of course.  I like the people fine, but I loooooove the dogs.

Coming from a family where no one else much cared for dogs I spent years forced to be a a cat person in a dog lover’s body, but after acquiring three beautiful dogs of my own, I’m much, much better now.  I’ve always found that dogs know when someone wants to meet them, loves them and will be good to them, and they generally respond enthusiastically in kind.  Some, if they have behavioural issues may be a little slow to come around, but one of the inspirational aspects of dogdom is their ability to recover, forgive and learn new ways of being a better dog.


I’ve read extensively on dog behaviour and training but am not married to any particular training philosophy.   I think Cesar Milan has some good ideas, but I also think that Pat Miller, Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, the Monks of New Skete and Patricia McConnell are pretty sharp too, to name but a few.  If a dog has a behavioural problem I am more likely to research it and try a variety of approaches to tailor the solution to the individual dog, and help implement those solutions.

I started this business due to some health challenges that required that I work outside and because I love dogs and want to learn from and about them.  While I have a Professional Dogwalking Certificate from Langara College, belong to the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and am Certified in Pet First Aid with St. John Ambulance, I am always eager to upgrade my skills.

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